Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    NWMCA:12 B550000100%
    NWMCA:Under 12 Grading440000100%
    NWMCA:14 D106112070%
    NWMCA:Under 14 Grading31110067%
    NWMCA:Kurle Shield 12A136016046%
    NWMCA:Barrie Clissold Shield145018036%
    NWMCA:George Luscombe Shield133136031%
    NWMCA:Keith Stringer Shield134026131%
    NWMCA:Under 10s91116022%
    NWMCA:Ralph Barron Shield7002500%
    NWMCA:Gray- Nicolls One Day Final       
    NWMCA:Under 15 All Girls       
    NWMCA:Under 16 Grading       

    Season batting statistics
    NWMCA:12 B7572728.041275.96   
    NWMCA:Under 12 Grading5472323.781005.47   
    NWMCA:14 D16836824.753684.570519
    NWMCA:Under 14 Grading3271917.21823.99   
    NWMCA:Kurle Shield 12A157910015.793564.440344
    NWMCA:Barrie Clissold Shield11497415.532824.060420
    NWMCA:George Luscombe Shield22347629.395334.19399
    NWMCA:Keith Stringer Shield259612321.116084.2701212
    NWMCA:Under 10s7455812.841126.65   
    NWMCA:Ralph Barron Shield294309.801132.60008
    NWMCA:Gray- Nicolls One Day Final        
    NWMCA:Under 15 All Girls        
    NWMCA:Under 16 Grading        

    Season bowling statistics
    NWMCA:12 B4047111.781174.01 
    NWMCA:Under 12 Grading3334110.33913.73 
    NWMCA:14 D105124011.813763.301
    NWMCA:Under 14 Grading363449.561043.31 
    NWMCA:Kurle Shield 12A89156217.553524.430
    NWMCA:Barrie Clissold Shield48134928.102076.520
    NWMCA:George Luscombe Shield93275129.586304.363
    NWMCA:Keith Stringer Shield96300731.327543.981
    NWMCA:Under 10s40107626.901129.61 
    NWMCA:Ralph Barron Shield2597138.841895.140
    NWMCA:Gray- Nicolls One Day Final      
    NWMCA:Under 15 All Girls      
    NWMCA:Under 16 Grading      

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team