Hall of Fame - Batting | Gladstone Park Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11471638315111483187291147Glenn SpicerGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield1 1Haig Fawkner
21205492115111483187291120Dillon PereraGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield1 1Haig Fawkner
3101196328615111483212902101*Oliver MarshallGladstone Park2019/2020Barrie Clissold Shield4 1Roxburgh Park
4758568701511148318729575Jayke Lloyd-RoebyGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield2 1Oak Park
56519632861511148320940465Oliver MarshallGladstone Park2019/2020Athol Attwater Shield2 1Balmoral
6579811101511148318729157Lahiru P RajapakseGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield1 1Haig Fawkner
756161751511148321289056Marco CastelliGladstone Park2019/2020Barrie Clissold Shield1 1Pascoe Vale United
85660441511148318730156Justin DowdenGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield4 1Strathmore Heights
95116585651511148318729851Kanish AwasthiGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield3 1Chargers CC
1051549211511148318729551*Dillon PereraGladstone Park2019/2020Vic Kyte Shield2 1Oak Park
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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