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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110498111015511483882852104*Lahiru P Rajapakse Gladstone Park2021/2022Vic Kyte Shield3 1Royal Rhinos
21001709315511483882852100*Wes TelfordGladstone Park2021/2022Vic Kyte Shield3 1Royal Rhinos
39418252511551148388573494*Darren PereiraGladstone Park2021/2022Athol Attwater Shield4 1Strathmore Heights
490456521551148388573290Jaydan K MooreGladstone Park2021/2022Athol Attwater Shield3 1Pascoe Vale United
5889811101551148388285488Lahiru P Rajapakse Gladstone Park2021/2022Vic Kyte Shield4 1Strathmore Heights
672196841551148388584472Damien BurridgeGladstone Park2021/2022Ralph Barron Shield3 1Pascoe Vale Central
7703595471551148397318770*Luke MirandaGladstone Park2021/2022Musgrove Sunday Grp C1 1Kashmir
869163831551148388584069Glenn SpicerGladstone Park2021/2022Ralph Barron Shield2 1Westmeadows
965297481551148388285265Tim StephensGladstone Park2021/2022Vic Kyte Shield3 1Royal Rhinos
1052163831551148398943952Glenn SpicerGladstone Park2021/2022NWMCA Shield3 1Burnside Springs
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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